Stockholm Meeting of Future Global Leaders – Sweden, Europe


We are from every color, every country, every nation. Hundreds of Swedish Institute (SI) scholarship holders from tens of countries came together in Stockholm on 30 September 2017 so as to meet, share, change and transform. Each scholarship holder, who studies at the level of master, doctorate and post-doctorate in various fields such as public health, engineering, women’s studies and immigration at different universities in different cities of Sweden, is a global leader candidate in his or her field. For not ruining but building this time or for correcting and maintaining the correct one. For social equality, for environmental sustainability, for a world without hunger.

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A Hidden Riverside in Norrköping – Sweden, Europe


I came to Sweden a full week ago. I plan to stay at least 9 months for my doctoral research in this country where the North mix cold and hot. I study migration. Instead of just doing academics, I also aim to photograph it, and if fate so decrees, to ‘novelise’ it in the near future. And Norrköping … This Swedish city of beauty and tranquility is my starting point, and of course, not the last.

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